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Research and Industrial Projects

Dr. Vazirgiannis has founded and leads the DB-NET - Research team on Data & Web Mining. He is leading local research teams in several competitive international research projects (i.e. EU/IST projects) and has attracted more than 1.3MEuro funding in the last 8 years.

He is also leading industrial projects in the areas: Dr. Vazirgiannis is consulting as well the Greek government as well as industrial partners in the area of large scale information systems with emphasis on data cleaning, integration and mining. He maintains active cooperation with Yahoo!, Google, ALCATEL and IBM Resarch.

Selected R&D projects

Scientific person in charge

  • (2010-2013) DIGITEO - Levetove project (Funded by Ile de France): The project aims at developing novel techiques and methods for large scale grah and web mining
  • (2006-2008) IST/SQO-OSS(IST-2005-33331): Source Quality Observatory for Open Source Software - subcontractor. Data Mining methodologies for metrics in software repositories
  • (2003-2007) PENED/GSRT: Funding for five Ph.D. fellowships in the area of large scale distributed data mining.
  • (2001-2004) - IST/h-TechSight (IST-2001-33174) - subcontractor. Web Mining for Chemical Engineering Portals.
  • (2001-2004) - IST/NEMIS (IST-2001-37574) - subcontractor. Text Mining Excellence Network
  • (2001-2004) IST/FET/PANDA thematic network, Research on Pattern Based DBMSs
  • (2001-2003) IST/FET-OPEN/DBGlobe: A Data-centric Approach to Global Computing
  • (2001-2003) IST/i-KnowUMine, Web Site Restructuring based on usage knowledge
  • (1999-2001) PENED/GSRT: Research & Development for Knowledge Discovery in Medical Data (with Medical School, Univ. of Athens), Scientist in charge - see relevant prototype